Thousands of years ago, the mighty world of Egis started breaking under the rule of the Demons. The world was on the verge of collapse when a special a baby was born in the midst of a slave camp. The baby grew up to be General Sher, the man who led the imperial army that defeated the powerful Demons. That day the race of men won, but the time would come again when they will have to face the evils within the royal family itself.


After the death of King Tiber Bauron, the army has fallen apart due to the loss of the supreme commander. Many have tried to assume the title the old king was bearing, including his son Seshoma, one of the finest captains of the entire army. Seshoma’s brother, Artos Bauron, however, feels like he is not prepared for the position. A naïve gentleman, the past four weeks of leading the army is already suggesting a failure on his part. In his desperate desire to know what he should do, he approaches Eorana, a witch as old as Egis who knew the secrets of history itself. The old witch unleashes to him a book of prophecy that has once envisioned the victory of General Sher. The same book states that a certain Prince Elderion will save Egis. Thus, Artos heads to the planet where he can find the future hero.


Meanwhile in planet Earth, Peter Walker is enthusiastic to embrace the day, for he is finally graduating from Harvard University. A twenty-six-year-old millionaire who made fortune out of his published human history books, Peter has been monitored by CNN and Fox News as he is America’s living American dream. But his celebrated life will make a one hundred eighty degree-turn as soon as he discovers that a prince from another world is yearning for his help.


Birth of a King follows Peter as he faces his destiny of being the heir to the throne of the Egician Empire. Will he be able to cope with the sudden change in his life? Is he strong enough to defeat the Demons and the threats within the royal family, or will the prophecy be proven wrong this time?




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